Band Members

"When Tom and I started playing together I knew right away that there was a resonance between us that neither one of us could fully account for. We comfortably wandered into rooms in our minds found we could converse musically in a stream of consciousness which was both clear and original. I view the recordings of Dose Hermanos as a psychedelic chronicle of our relationship over time."-Bob Bralove

BOB BRALOVE was the sound designer and co-producer for the GRATEFUL DEAD from 1987 until they disbanded in 1995, and is best known for for his involvment in the mindbending "Drums and Space" segments of a Dead Show. Those moments between Drums and Space where the music was flowing and the lights throbbing and no one seemed to be on stage were usually Bralove wailing on a synth behind the drum riser.

He first crossed paths with the Dead while sharing scoring credits with them on the CBS remake of The Twilight Zone (which can still be seen on the Sci-Fi cable channel). During the previous eight years he directed the computer synthesis and sound design for STEVIE WONDER in his live shows and recordings. His relationship with the Dead grew to co-writing songs,(Picasso Moon, Way to go Home and Easy Answers) production credits ("Infrared Roses" and "Built to Last") .

TOM CONSTANTEN, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, was the keyboardist for the Grateful Dead from 1968 through 1970, adding his magic to such psychedelic classics as "Anthem of the Sun," "Live Dead" and "Aoxmoxoa," as well as hundreds of live shows. A composition student of Karlheinz Stockhausen and Luciano Berio, Constanten was Artist in Residence at Harvard University in 1986. He has produced several solo albums of both classical and contemporary music.