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New Release: Search For Intelligent Life

Dose Hermanos - Search For Intelligent Life - Relix Records (RRCD2108) The journey continues...
Prepare to "Take A Giant Step Outside Your Mind," and embark on a magical musical tour de force! Join Dose Hermanos, the world's premier psychedelic keyboard duo, as they travel through the expanses of deep space to "Search For Intelligent Life." Explore uncharted musical territory and enter a universe of unparalleled sonic clarity as Grateful Dead space masters Tom Constanten and Bob Bralove lead you on a wild improvisatory ride.

Using state-of-the-art technology to further define and expand upon their shared artistic vision, Bralove and Constanten soar to new heights on this, their first studio CD release. On Dose Hermanos' "Search For Intelligent Life", the dynamic duo combines passionate performance with high quality audio to generate a soundworld unlike any other. From the modern urban scenes of "Hot!" to the raga like "The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of," let Dose Hermanos transport you from New York City to Dehli, to Outer Space and back again on a voyage that defies gravity. Hear a spacecraft lift off the Death Star in "Take A Giant Step Outside Your Mind," or find yourself in an enchanted forest ("Reflections Of A Sultry Summer Evening"), as Bob Bralove skillfully adds the dimensions of sound design that he became so well known for in his work with the Grateful Dead.

And, speaking of the Grateful Dead... Be sure to check out the wonderful new version of the band's perennial classic "Dark Star," as Bralove and Constanten pay homage to their roots with a fresh and innovative approach to this family favorite. Other highlights on the disc include three new vocal tracks by Bralove and one by Constanten on the irreverent Spike Jones like version of the Doors' "People Are Strange." In addition, unconventional guitar wizard Henry Kaiser lends his considerable talents to the project. His imaginative fretwork can be heard on two of the CD's nine amazing tracks!


The tunes on the recording are:

1. Take a Giant step (outside your mind)
2. Midnight Train from Bagladesh
3. Reflections on a sultry summer evening
5. A Million O'clock in Zanzibar
6. People are Strange
7.The stuff dreams are Made of
8.Search for intelligent life

Click here to see "HOT!!",
the phatt new video from
the new album!


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Dose Hermanos' Search For Intelligent Life is available at: Grateful Dead Merchandising (1.800.CAL.DEAD or
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