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Dose Hermanos -from Search For Intelligent Life - Relix Records (RRCD2108)

Hot!! The idea for Hot!! came to me while reading the news. Stringing all the ads together seemed to paint it's own picture, dark and clear. TC saw the picture and painted it with his keyboard. .What appears on the record is from our first take. I am using that keyboard performance of Tom's (bass sound and piano sound) to trigger the images for the video, and my synthesizer accents to trigger the processing of Tom's performance. Each level of depth into the dark world is triggered by the octave harmonizations of my voice. Eversince my painting work on the DVD "Shadow of the Invisible Man" I have been experimenting with paints and brushes. For Hot!! I went out and bought old porn magazines, cut out the pages and painted on top of the pictures with acrylic paint, and scanned them into the computer.. I then assigned those painted images to the notes of Tom's performance. The end result is a journey through the neon light of the sex business after midnight.

Dose Hermanos' "Search For Intelligent Life" is available at: Grateful Dead Merchandising (1.800.CAL.DEAD or
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